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Below you will find video tutorials and user guides to help with the uploading process. Need assistance? Contact us.

Learning Resource Materials Collection

Step-by-step guides & videos for uploading your Learning Resource Materials into the CCCS LOR. These guides provide you with screenshots and aids to make it easy for you to complete your work. View the list of Learning Resources Material Types.

Downloadable User Guides

Single Submission Guide

provides you directions on how you contribute individual instructional modules and collections of documents as a single submission into the library

Embargo User Guide

allows you to set up temporary access restrictions on files attached to submissions.


Special Attention Guides & Webinars

Material Description & Industry Partner Fields

guide to writing material descriptions and identifying industry partners in the Learning Resources Collection.

Preparing Your Deliverables – Creative Commons Attribution License and the CCCS LOR: Tips for Ensuring Submission of Your Deliverables Go Well (7/9/2015): [ Webinar | PPT ]

Need to Edit or Delete a completed submission?

Visit our Edit & Delete Uploaded Materials page for more videos and user guides.