About Us

Welcome to the Colorado Community College System’s Learning Object Repository (LOR). The multidisciplinary academic, student success, and employee resource collections hosted on the CCCS LOR created and adapted by the instructors and staff of the 13 Colorado community colleges and the Colorado Community College System Office, and are made available for purposes of student and employee education and enrichment. The CCCS LOR is adapted from Skillscommons.org and managed by Colorado Community Colleges Online and the Colorado Community College System. Need assistance? Contact us.

This project stems from the Colorado Community College System’s 2015-2025 Strategic Plan. As part of Goal 2: Transform Our Own Workplace, the plan contains the Key Performance Measure (KPM): Increase the use of learning objects repositories (LOR) in three statewide disciplines per year.  CCCS and CCCOnline are pleased to complete this KPM by launching the CCCS Learning Object Repository with an opening collection that features more than 1500 learning objects from 25 different courses spanning 3 state-wide disciplines.

The CCCS LOR would not be possible without the hard work and support of the following:

  • State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE)
  • Joe Garcia, Chancellor, Colorado Community College System
  • CCCS Learning Technology Council
  • CCCS Learning Object Repository Taskforce and RFP Committee
  • California State University and the Skillscommons.org Team