Q: Can I link 2 deliverables together so that they may be cross-referenced and help determine that users are finding the information when they are searching?

Answer: Currently there is no way to cross-reference two deliverables within the submission process.

However, here are two options to work around this limitation:

  1. You can include, in the description, a link to each submission. So, you will first need to upload each submission. Then you will have URLs for each submission. At that point you can go in and edit the descriptions (referring to the Editing section in the user guide) and paste in the URLs you want to cross-reference. OR
  2. You can use the “Based On” field and paste the URLs in this field.

In summary, you will have to complete each submission first to obtain the URLs that you will end up using. You will need to then go in and edit each submission with the URL you have obtained.

Category: Editing Submissions

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